Interview on this Experiment

February 22, 2007

Mark Maher interviewed me on this experiment. Sorry for not posting for a while – all too much of project work. Maybe this actually is the key challenge for internet industry professionals in their upgrade process to new things: so limited time and so many new things to learn.

Anyway, more to to be written soon. My trial on using Shozu and moblogging tool has been very nice. I like the tool a lot!


Notepad on steroids or Office 2007 replacement?

February 12, 2007

Google just introduced ‘Google Docs & Spreadsheets‘. Since I am a ‘googler’ I had to try it out. This will probably be the next big thing, right? Although I had just installed Office 2007 on my computer I coudn’t wait to see what would replace it! So, after rushing to Google and signing-in I started to write my first document, this posting actually. At first you see a lean and mean interface, good I thought. Then I got the creeps, hang on, maybe this is all there is! To give you an idea, this is what it looks like… Read the rest of this entry »


January 19, 2007

Mobile phone, or as Nokia says nowadays “Mobile Multimedia Computer, is emerging as the key device in which user-generated / -originated media content is captured. To growing extent, the portable gadget is also becoming hooked to online services without PC connection. In this, there are still many hurdles to be crossed. I decided to have a full-scale go on this one and try the apps and ideas available online for moblogging. Equipment used: Nokia N70 and Dell D620 + Nokia 6280 for T-Mobile NL.

Option 1: Sending MMS-messages to e-mail addresses of online services

MMS is telco-originated innovation to post multimedia from one device to another and also to online services. I tried posting MMS’s to YouTube, Flickr and TypePad. YouTube MMS-connection works only in the US, thus no success. Flickr allows me me to post messages to an secret e-mail address. This worked fine. But the stupid MMS attaches a lot of unnecessary marketing stuff from the operator, which needs to be deleted in the blog. Wow-factor: 4/10

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Is modern web analytics part of web 2.0?

January 17, 2007

The more I work with web analytics tools, the more it becomes clear that modern internet is not all about the hyped social networking, user generated content, ratings, rankings, peer-to-peer networks etc. On the contrast to this anarchy-looking front, internet services behind the “hood” are actually emerging to be a highly analytical discipline – even from an invividual bloggers. I bet most of the blogger keep on doing the following to a growing extent: 1) checking the stats-part in their blogs; 2) checking whos is referring and reading their posts and 3) becoming either motivated of dismotivated of the lack of readership or comments or at best becoming very motivated because of broad and specialised interest towards their contributions. I do know about you, but at least I tend to doing this more and more often with my blogs.

One of the key shortages that I have found so far in the blogging platforms it the whay how limited the stats-section actually are. With this I mean in their basic features. Yes, I know that one can install e.g. Google Analytics (GA) -tag to the CSS-template and start getting much richer data. But seriously – tell me an average blogger who would do this? Not even in Google’s Blogger the Analytics-part is well integrated into the system. Why could not Google make an limited, but blog customised version of their product available to all Bloggers? I think they should. Moreover, Google acquired last year Measure Map – the simple blog analytics suite. How about integrating this to Blogger & GA?

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Experiment on online videos

January 11, 2007

One of the biggest phenomen during 1996 (ups, sorry meant 2006), was the breaktrough of YouTube and online video in general. For sure there are only few times in economic history that a company which only after selling its company for 1,5 billion dollars can start thinking: “Hmm, what is our business model”. YouTube is an incredible “incarnation” of the whole web 2.0 topic. We create to us – organised anarchy becomes mainstream.

To experiment this, I registered to YouTube and created an sister -blog for this one. I will try to nearly daily look at YouTube and similar services and post my collection to the blog. You can see this also as an additional widget in the right column of this blog. Feel free to comment either to the Blogger-based video blog or directly to this main blog for our trial.

In my first postings I discuss e.g. “the 15-min of fame phenomena” through the weird media phenomen of Finland, Olli Hokkanen. Check it out!

Search of the perfect personal portal

January 7, 2007

Ever since Netscape launched its “My Netscape“-portal in the 1990s, I’ve been testing with various intervals the status of the so-called “personal portals”. Must say that during the last few years, the trend has been very positive – we can really talk about personalisation, when I can really choose my own information sources from the sites that follow and create usable and readable user interface to consume the content.

In my current screening I am testing the following services:

  • Netvibes: Real web 2.0 start-up, strong personalisation features and well networked in the online domain
  • MS Live: Microsoft’s Live portal, with a lot of localised content feeds, pretty windows/MS like UI and feeling to use
  • My Google: Google’s personalised search with lot of content, yet somewhat messy, pretty neat gadgets and networking to the online community, I like also the integration to my Google usage
  • My Yahoo: Yahoo’s my section, crowded with content, layout very Yahooish = busy, currently in my opinion one of the weakest Yahoo offerings
  • Newsgator: Happened to acquire in 2004 the FeedDemon-client for my RSS-feeds, now this is integrated to the Newsgator portal. Simple and straightforward for feed handling
  • Bloglines: web 2.0 -pioneer in feeds and personal blogging, UI very techy, but efficient, somewhat still stuck to style of 2005, should renew its usablity Read the rest of this entry »

Are you Google or Yahoo?

January 7, 2007

Being veeerrrry much into web 2.0 I started uploading my pictures to web-albums some time ago. Google now has Picasa Web Albums to which I signed up. Really nice service if you ask me. It is a tad less ‘social’ since there is no public listing of photo-albums of people and you cannot search it but it is really nice if you want to have your online album and share it with people. One of the cool features is that not all photo’s are public. You can make private albums and invite people to look at them. A colleague of mine wanted to share his wedding pictures but he didn’t want the whole world to see them. Using Flickr this is not possible (or at least not that I know of) so Picasa Web Albums would be a good option. With Flickr you can only limit the sharing of photo’s to other Flickr user who are your contacts. But this forces people to have a Flickr account (e.g. a Yahoo account) in order to see my photo’s. Guys, wake up! Do you really think my mom has a Flickr account? I am glad to see that Google understands me better…;-) It seems that in the world of web2.0 you are forced to be either me2.0_yahoo or me2.0_google…..or even me2.0_microsoft…

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